Amazon will hire another 400 workers for its 22@ centers

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Amazon and the R and D center aggregate 340 workers after four months of movement.

Amazon intends to hire another 400 individuals in the coming years for the Seller Support Hub (SHH) and the R and D center that operates since April in the 22@ district of Barcelona, ​​in which 340 representatives already work. The SHH, the multilingual center that supports SMEs that offer through Amazon platforms in southern Europe, currently has around 240 permanent representatives in the new offices and plans to expand the workforce to 500 workers, as foreseen in the underlying forecast.

For its part, the R and D center, the European headquarters for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), now utilizes nearly a hundred people and plans to hire more than one hundred researchers and software engineers, which as of not long ago has not They had been announced.

Barcelona, ​​key to ability

“We will probably help, from Barcelona, ​​for suppliers to offer effectively in the markets of Spain, Italy and France,” the VP of Amazon SHH, Katrina Lane, has indicated in the presentation of these new offices. The organization opted for the Catalan money to introduce the headquarters since it “attracts ability”.

Koro Castellano, member of the Steering Committee of the organization in Spain, explained that in the first semester has grown 75% Catalan organizations have registered in the Amazon Marketplace trade platform. For his part, Ralf Herbrich, Director of Machine Learning (Automated Learning) of Amazon, has exposed the importance of Artificial Intelligence to make predictions about the changes of free market activity, the recognition of patterns.

“With this resource we can likewise make the deal more attractive.”

Herbrich has stated that from transactions between users can extract data to streamline search motors and encourage the purchase.

The leader of the Amazon group in Barcelona, ​​the researcher Hugo Zaragoza, has complemented the clarifications of the Director of Machine Learning with the applications that this framework can have in the field of programmed translations.On account of this, a product that is intended to be sold from anywhere in the world will have significantly more perceivability in the event that it is cataloged in different dialects, and likewise without the need and the cost of hiring a language specialist.

Barcelona, ​​capital of machine translation

Accordingly, Zaragoza has argued that the first step is to “train the machines to create patterns through data and user behavior” and that, for this, Amazon will likewise need to incorporate the staff of the R and D center to language specialists, mathematicians and physicists.

Barcelona will be the European headquarters for programmed translation and advancement of search devices and, along these lines, it will be incorporated into Amazon’s international center points network together with the urban areas of Palo Alto (California), Beijing (China) and Tokyo Japan).

In the demonstration of presentation of these two centers, both the official director of the 22@ district, Antoni Oliva, and the Commissioner of Economic Promotion, Business and Innovation of the City of Barcelona, ​​Lluís Gómez, accepted the open door to welcome Amazon , which is “an opportunity for the city”.


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