The Syrian Army announces that it has regained control


Syrian troops

Syrian troops have pronounced full control of the Damascus region on Monday out of the blue since 2012 subsequent to overcoming the Islamic State (IS) jihadists who still controlled a southern piece of the capital.

In a broadcast address, the representative of the General Command of the Syrian Army, Ali Maihub, has guaranteed that his units “have ensured the security of the capital, Damascus and its surroundings totally”, with exceptional significance “the control of the zone of Hayar al Asuad and Al Yarmuk camp “subsequent to completing” with a substantial number of Daesh psychological oppressors “.

The military hostile propelled on April 19 is, as indicated by the military, “a proof” of the capacity of its troops to confront “methodical psychological oppression upheld by global provincial gatherings.” At the finish of the declaration, Syrian TV has demonstrated live pictures of Syrian banners lifted on structures in the region.

This task happens “in the wake of clearing every one of the territories of Eastern and Western Guta totally of the takfiri (radical) fear based oppression and the demolition of their gatherings that spread in these regions,” Maihub has stated, alluding to the takeover on March 14. April of the primary resistance fortress to the edges of Damascus.

They criticize the sending of warriors to the fringe with Iraq

As per the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, in this long stretch of battling in Damascus, no less than 62 regular folks have passed on, including 16 kids and nine ladies, notwithstanding 233 radicals and 251 government staff.

The Observatory included that somewhere in the range of 1,600 individuals, including warriors of the fanatic gathering and their families, have been emptied since Sunday in the areas of Hayar al Asuad, Al Tadamun and the field of Al Yarmuk by a “mystery” concurrence with The specialists. As per his data, the gathering has left for the desert of eastern Syria, where one of the last jihadist fortresses stays, in a fringe region with Iraq.

This flight of warriors, who have been permitted to take light weapons, has been directed by Russia, a partner of Damascus, as per the NGO. Then again, the administration of Bashar al-Assad does not perceive the arrangements with the jihadists and has just detailed that the flight of youngsters, ladies and the elderly is approved “for helpful reasons”.

The Palestinian outcast camp of Al Yarmuk, around five kilometers from the focal point of Damascus, was the fortress of the IS and the Liberation Agency of the Levant (the Syrian ex-al Qaeda) since 2015. Just like the case with Guta, the zone was It was blockaded by Assad’s troops since 2013. Prior to the beginning of the contention in Syria in 2011, somewhere in the range of 160,000 individuals were living in the camp, of which just 18,000 stay, as per the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees, which cautioned in April of the “disastrous outcomes” of brutality in the zone.


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